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We like to have fun at Hear The Hope.  Enjoy looking through our photos and videos of the people involved with this uplifting organization.
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Adam Clements of Local12 News in Cincinnati, wrapping up an interview with CJ Lambert & Chris Lah (co-founders of Hear The Hope) and our Song of the Month artists Dr. Roger Cornwall & his patient Ed Leach.
Toby Christensen working with the children that are featured on his worldbeat songs...
Fresh from the Press
Recording some sweet beats with the Williams girls on the song "Rise" by Sam Tieger.
Here is a behind the scenes look at the recording of "The Script" by Chris Lah.
We had a BLAST working with Kelsey & Gabe on "Into The Park"!
Here is a behind the scenes look at recording Viral Jain's song "Warmth of My Love".  
How did we get Toby's song "We Can Find a Way" so rocking?  Take a look for yourself...