Lookin’ Up

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Lookin’ Up

Lookin’ Up by Toby Christensen

Lookin’ Up Is What Our Kid & Veterans Do Every Day

Lookin’ Up was inspired by a friend of mine who is a survivor of bullying. Through his challenge and experience, he turned his life around and is a world champion kick-boxer, Hollywood stunt man, TV and Movie actor, and motivational speaker. Check him out Jerry Trimble Jr.

This song was also inspired by the amazing kids and veterans we have worked with at HearTheHope. They all have overcome amazing obstacles and every day rise to face another day of the challenge. They are courageous heroes and an incredible inspiration to us.

Keep Lookin’ Up

Life can deliver some hard blows. The families that support these special needs kids are amazing. We are so honored to be working with the kids and their families. At HearTheHope we are making dreams come true for kids and adults alike. Watching a mother and father beam as their child steps up to the microphone to sing their heart out on one of our songs is so touching. Watching kids meet their heroes like MLB Pitcher Bronson Arroyo and Multi-platinum artist Eliot Sloan is also wonderful.

CJ, Toby & Chris Say Thank You

CJ, Toby, & Chris the founders of HearTheHope were talking one evening about how fortunate we are to have these people in our lives. CJ lives with one full time! His son Hudson who has Down Syndrome. Hudson is actually the reason we started HearTheHope.

We want to say THANK YOU! to all the participants. We made this tribute video with short clips from almost all of our projects.

We Made This Video To Acknowledge Our Participants and Families ~ Enjoy

Please donate and download the song to inspire you to keep Lookin’ Up!