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Shine On

Shine On – By Jody Stapleton

Shine On Through Dark Times

In March of 2014, Beatrice came into the world. Soon after birth, my wife and I discovered she had Down syndrome. Quickly, her diagnosis was overshadowed by doctors informing us of a heart defect that would require surgery at six months old. We were in shock and scared that our little girl might not make it, but we were assured through our medical teams that Beatrice would grow strong and be a survivor. You know what… she is.

From Survivor To Thiver

Beatrice is now an amazing 5-year old that absolutely rocks! She has lots of friends in her second year of pre-school on her way to kindergarten at Sands Montessori. Beatrice loves to color, playing outside, finding bugs and her dog Hank. Oh, and she loves to have fun with her big brother Abel.

Music Brings The Family Together

I wrote Shine On for our family’s journey with Beatrice now and into the future. Shine On represents hope, advocacy and a family that loves to sing and play music together. You will hear Bea on percussion and her brother Abel singing so golden sweetly.

We hope you all enjoy listening to Shine On as much as we had recording this new tune.

~ Peace & Love… J, B, A