I Owns Great Bones

Kimberly’s Fight Song: I Owns Great Bones

When Bad News Comes

When Kimberly Scott was 31 years old, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a lumpectomy. However, upon learning that her grandfather had breast cancer many years prior, she proceeded to have the most aggressive option available at the time (a double mastectomy with reconstruction) to put her lifetime recurrence rate to 2%.

Courage Is Required

Over this past Christmas holiday, Kimberly’s worst fears were realized. The breast cancer returned and was invasive as confirmed by a biopsy of her axillary lymph nodes. To determine how far the cancer had spread, bone scans and CT scans were ordered. This song was written by her brother in law, Shawn Scott, after the bone scan came back clear. He happened to be visiting for the holiday on the day the scan results were received and wrote the song to provide comfort along her journey.

She Owns Great Bones

As Shawn recalls: “On the first evening of our visit, Kimberly had just received the good news regarding her bone scan. I recall her excitement about that, and she mentioned in passing that I should write her a song.

I agreed, but I didn’t have a particular idea in mind right away. I woke up the next morning, and the first thing that popped into my head was the 4 syllable melody and lyric “I owns good bones” (which I later changed to “great” bones). I picked up my guitar and found the notes that I was humming, and the chords that matched.

The lyrics speak to Kimberly’s journey both past and present, and they conclude with a future where she gets back to normal life enjoying the activities that she loves to do. (She is an accomplished baker, and always has a breakfast or dessert treat at the ready when we visit. Once this is all behind her, she can record her own version of the song with revised lyrics, letting the world know that in addition to her great bones, she “bakes great scones!”).”

Sending Good Vibes For A Full Recovery

Kimberly’s surgery is scheduled in early February, and the staging, along with future recurrence survival rates, is currently unknown until after the pathology results are available. There will be 4 to 5 months of chemotherapy and 6 weeks of daily radiation. This song has given Kimberly strength to fight the upcoming battle ahead and provides her solace in knowing she owns great bones.

Please Keep Kimberly in your thoughts and prayers. As you listen to this song, Hear The Hope for her recovery!

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Hear The Hope and Kimberly I Owns Great Bones
Shawn Scott with Hear the hope I Owns Great Bones
Shawn Shares His Song With Kimberly!