Shooting Straight Ahead – Featuring Alyssa Strohsack

From Big Dreams To Tragedy

Alyssa was an excellent soccer player from Elementary to High-school. Most of her time in soccer she played school and league ball at the same time. Her dream was to go to college on a soccer scholarship. Alyssa was a typical teenage girl. Her Freshman year of high school she was trying out of the high school soccer team. The day of the final tryouts, October 7, 2015. Alyssa and another girl collided while going for the ball, the girl landed on Alyssa and her knee went into Alyssa’s left thigh.

The Problem Was A Mystery

At first, the Doctors thought she had ruptured her quad, after further testing that wasn’t the case and they thought it was all in her head. On Oct 28, 2015, Alyssa had to be cut out of her jeans because of swelling in the left leg and no pulse in the foot. We took Alyssa to the Children’s Hospital across the Bay and on Oct 30, 2015,

Her Life Changed In An Instant

Alyssa was diagnosed with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. We had no idea on that day her whole life would change. We learned that Alyssa would spend the rest her of life in excruciating pain. As time went by, Alyssa spent months in a wheelchair, in and out of Hospitals, meds upon meds and nothing helped. At the time of the onset, Alyssa weighed approximately 130lbs, within 8months due to the meds, and being wheelchair-bound Alyssa was over 200lbs. In 2017 we moved from Fl to Tn to get Alyssa out of the severe humidity. Alyssa’s condition flared so bad she was hospitalized then moved from one hospital to another, then to Cincinnati.

Then Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital diagnosed Alyssa with CRPS, AMPS, EDS, PTSD, and POTS, Alyssa’s pain is now full body and also in her stomach. Because there is no cure for CRPS, CCHS has taught her to function and live with the pain. Every day she fights her fight, she smiles and tries her hardest to be happy. Alyssa lost playing soccer, she now shoots archery (sometimes that’s not possible) but she continues to push.

The Best Description Of Her Condition

Ted talk did the best scenario of explaining CRPS. If I took a feather and brushed it on your skin, you would feel the softness, but if you rub that same feather on someone who has CRPS, it feels like a blow torch burning them.

Special Thanks to Sarah Curry Rathel from Ronald McDonald House for connecting us with Alyssa

Song Credits:

Featured Song: “Sooting Straight Ahead”
Our Hero: Alyssa Strohsack
Composer: CJ Lambert, Toby Christensen, and April Henry
Lead Vocals: April Henry
Instruments: CJ Lambert and Alyssa Strohsack
Produced By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen
Engineered By: CJ Lambert
Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert
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