Ally and the kids in the HTH studioWe are so grateful for our donors.  All donations are kept confidential so for the sake of this information, we will call our donor “Jennifer”

Jennifer loves music but cannot play a lick or sing a single note on key.  She loves kids and believes in helping people’s dreams come true.

She is a successful executive and because of her status in the community, she is constantly hit with a barrage of organizations seeking her financial support.  During our conversation, I offered the name of our legal counsel and our accounting firm.  She seemed surprised (in a good way).

Building Trust

Local 12 News interviewWe at Hear The Hope know that integrity and accountability build trust, so we made the commitment to set up our organization in the best possible way.  We hired the best non-profit law firm in the area and an experienced accounting firm to make sure that we are above board and have the proper checks and balances in place.

Jennifer declined our offer to contact these entities.  The fact that we cared enough to have them in place was enough.

She smiles when she sees the photos and videos on as tangible proof that her giving is making a difference.  She has a collection of songs from the website she listens to, lifting her spirits throughout the day.


Children's Hospital CincinnatiWe are often asked, “how much of donated money from the sale of the music actually goes to making dreams come true and helping families?”  That answer is 100% (minus any credit card transaction fees).

If you, like Jennifer, have been blessed and are able to help us expand the joy of music, please click the banner below and make your contribution.

Thank you in advance for helping make a difference!

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Your generosity enables us to make dreams come true through the love of music.