Do You Have a Dream?

Kristen & The GirlsHenry, David, Melissa, and Jean all have something in common: They each have a dream of making a difference in the world through their love of music. Henry likes to sing. Melissa writes songs. David plays the guitar. Jean plays classical piano.

They also have something else in common: They each have a condition that is causing them to feel like outcasts, lonely and feeling like they don’t belong. Two of them are children, one with cancer and the other Autism, the two are veterans who have returned from the battlefield and are suffering from severe depression and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Dreams Bring Hope

People with special needs and challenges need special care. We know this first hand. When Hear The Hope founding member CJ Lambert and his wife Kelly were expecting their second son, they learned he has Down Syndrome and will need surgery right after birth. This news immediately struck them with the uncertainty of having a child with challenges. Three years later, they are amazed at how Hudson is a profound blessing for their family. He was the impetus for founding Hear The Hope.

At Hear The Hope, we bring care, love, and understanding to those who have the dream of making music. We’ve been working with children, families, doctors, and employees of Children’s Hospital to make dreams come true for musicians, singers, and songwriters. For 2018 we are expanding our mission to include our veteran heroes.

We Can Make it Happen

By developing a network of musicians, songwriters, and singers, we have the resources to match the needed talent with a project. We then write, professionally record, and produce songs of hope to make dreams come true. We even get help from celebrities, which delights the grown up and child dreamers alike.

We recently recorded with MLB pitcher Bronson Arroyo, who is also an excellent musician, Multi-platinum selling artist Eliot Sloan from Blissid Union Of Souls, We have more celebs in the works, which will add surprise and more fun.

To view our completed projects and learn more about Hear The Hope, please click > OUR HEROES.

You Can Help

Your donations are what keeps us going and allows us to bring these dedicated volunteers into our professional studio and produce high-quality radio-ready songs. This is how you can help make dreams come true.

In some cases, your donations can literally save lives. One of our veterans wrote a song called “Restless Heart”. It was his last task before he planned to kill himself. He had lost hope.

After finishing the song he called a friend who convinced him to come to our Hear The Hope studio and record his song. It changed everything and Alex is now helping vets find their way through his music.

Make An Impact

Bronson, Eliot & KidsYour donations bring hope to families. Our song “Be You” by Bronson Arroyo brought joy to the Trebbi family. The kids were horrified when mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. They found hope and playful fun recording vocals here in the studio. By the way, mom is doing fine!

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Some of the kids we work with at Children’s Hospital have a small chance of surviving. Even one song created by Hear The Hope can become their legacy and provide a deeply meaningful gift to their family. And there are many veterans out there like Alex. We urgently need your financial support to help them.

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