Clear Weather

She had every right to be mad… 

But she shifted it to gratitude for all the blessings of her life. This is what Terra said about her mom Teresa who lost her life to cancer recently.
We asked Terra to sing this song because in her words, “The lyrics are perfect for my mom. Grateful for life. Even in her treatment and the realization that she had only days left, she quickly transmuted to gratitude and acknowledging the blessings in her life.” Her mom always told her. “Look for the best possible outcome even with the worst possible scenario.”

She had a positive message No Matter What!

A week after her moms passing, Terra called and said she still wanted to do the song. When she arrived at the studio it was quite emotional. Her mother had been a long time friend of Toby Christensen, a co-founder of Hear The Hope.
Terra was nervous but quickly found strength as she visualized her singing this song to her mother and realizing that she was being honored.
Terra did a great job and left with this message…”This is another avenue where my mom gets to reach others.”
Special thanks to Ellen Gennaro for writing this beautiful song. The message was a perfect collaboration for her and Terra to bring a message of hope.
Song Credits:
Featured Song: “Clear Weather”
Our Hero: Terra Allgaier
Composer: Ellen Gennaro
Vocals: Terra Allgaier
Background Vocals: Ellen Gennaro
Instruments: CJ Lambert (acoustic, electric, & bass guitars), Josh Dutoit (acoustic guitar), Toby Christensen (Drums & Percussion)
Produced By: CJ Lambert
Engineered By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen
Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert
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To purchase for $5.00, click the button:

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Terra With Hear The Hope
Toby, Terra and CJ Lambert
Terra having fun in the studio