Don’t Stop Now

Don’t Stop Now By Kelsey Mira

Music Brought Her Memory Back!

At age 7, Kelsey Mira suffered short-term memory loss from swelling of her brain after surviving a deadly case of bacterial meningitis. The doctor said it was comparable to falling on her head from a 2-story building. In the years to follow, she would forget her bus number, get made fun of by kids in school because she had to wear her address on a card around her neck, and felt the constant isolation of being different and needing help.

Music To Rewire The Brain

By this time, Kelsey was already singing and interested in music. Her neurologist suggested putting her studies to music to rewire the brain, and it worked. We recall music we’ve learned decades ago, like the ABC’s: the brain remembers melody and rhythm in an extraordinary way and holds onto it. Music took over and helped her not only succeed through school, but graduate with honors. Kelsey now works with her private voice and songwriting students, incorporating melodies and rhythms, and putting math formulas and more to music to help students struggling in school, so that creative children can explore a new way of learning and retaining, following Kelsey’s methods of teaching through music.

From Strugle To Success

Kelsey currently lives in Los Angeles where she works as a performer, songwriter, and session vocalist. She has a residency performing at 208 Rodeo in Beverly Hills every weekend and her vocals can be heard on the Gods & Monsters trailer from E3 and the main theme of the video game, Darksiders Genesis, released Dec 5th, 2019.
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Mira Don't Stop Now for Hear The Hope
Kelsey Mira Don't Stop Now for Hear The Hope