Local Cincinnati solo artist, Sam Tieger, teamed up with Hear The Hope to write and perform with two extraordinary young Cincinnati girls, Roopa and Munni Williams for this month’s song, “Rise.” Hear The Hope’s Chris Lah had attended a Sam Tieger concert earlier this year and loved her voice and songwriting abilities, and asked if she would be willing to write a song for Hear The Hope. Sam immediately responded yes when she heard about all the organization does to help families offset the cost of their uncovered medical bills.

Living Up to Our Potential

Though Sam hadn’t yet met the young girls (or heard about their extraordinary journey) who she would be performing with or writing the song for, she had the glimmer of an idea of a song in the works already and knew it was the perfect opportunity to execute her idea. “I had the idea churning for some time about someone who is on a journey whose story isn’t finished yet but they’re going to do great things. I wanted to write a positive and uplifting song that called each one of us to live up to our full potential.”

When Sam walked into the studio to meet the girls, Roopa and Munni Williams, she had no idea how prescient her lyrics were, nor did she have any idea how strongly they would not only connect to the girls, but to their mother, Kristen Williams.

An Amazing Story

Roopa and Munni’s story is in a word: Amazing. Their mother, Kristen G. Williams, adopted both girls, who have extensive medical issues, from India. Munni was near death when she arrived from India to the U.S. (she has a horseshoe-shaped scar on her face) and was given less than six months to live because of her many medical complications. Roopa was abandoned in the streets of India as an infant, where animals and insects ate away her nose, leaving her without one. When police found her, they determined that her chances for survival were slim.

In fact, Kristen’s adoption of both girls was/is nothing short of a miracle. Bringing them to Ohio, near Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, has given both girls unlimited opportunities for rehabilitation and health. Incredibly, Kristen, who happens to be a single mother, just returned from India from adopting her third daughter, Mohini.

Incredible Generosity

Without the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Charitable Fund (to which Hear The Hope contributes) Kristen wouldn’t have been able to cover the girls’ extraordinary medical expenses. She knows firsthand what it feels like to benefit from the organization’s incredible generosity. When Hear The Hope contacted her and asked for Roopa and Munni to perform drums on “Rise” she didn’t hesitate to help. And, when Kristen heard the lyrics Sam wrote for the girls for the first time, she melted. Everything the girls have overcome to be here today seemed to be written in the song.

You do what your heart wants to and I’ll be there
I will watch you see it through yeah I’ll be there
Baby you are going places
I can see it in your face

“I was crying just thinking about where they come from, and I looked at where they are now and it’s absolutely miraculous. So many people have rallied around and it’s been an incredible experience,” Kristen said. Sam was moved, too. She adds, “Every songwriter hopes their lyrics will connect with listeners. I had no idea how powerfully these particular lyrics would connect with Kristen and the girls. And I hope other listeners will be able to connect to the song as well. As much as the song is about Roopa and Munni, it’s also about anyone who is on their own journey and about the people in their lives who are supporting them. It’s a song about hope. It’s a song for every single person who is struggling today. You’re going to rise.”

And Kristen agrees. “It’s such a song of empowerment. My hope is that it will empower other girls. Other moms… When I look at my girls, all I see is their potential. I see all that is possible. I see miracles. It all comes back to love. And when people hear this song I hope they open their hearts to all the opportunities that await them if they just have hope — and love. After I heard the song, I told Sam that besides having the most beautiful voice, her lyrics really hit my heart. She knocked it out of the park.”

What’s Up Next for Sam and Kristen?

Sam Tieger is working on releasing new music. You can find her released singles and follow her on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. To learn more about Sam and connect, visit www.samtieger.com.

Kristen just returned from India and is busy with her three growing and healthy daughters. She blogs regularly on her website, where she promotes adoption, faith, and celebrates the incredible lives and journeys of her daughters. Visit her website at www.kristengwilliams.com.

Song Credits

  • OUR HEROES: Munni & Roopa Williams
  • ARTIST(S): Sam Tieger
  • COMPOSER: Sam Tieger
  • VOCALS: Sam Tieger
  • INSTRUMENTS: Sam Tieger (acoustic guitar), CJ Lambert (electric guitars, bass & drums), Munni & Roopa Williams
    w/ Toby Christensen (djembes)
  • PRODUCED BY: CJ Lambert
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