“Thanks To You”

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Overcoming Adversity

At 19 weeks into her pregnancy, Anne Marie realized she had a big problem. She had ruptured and was Treyden singing Thanks To Youlosing the life-sustaining fluid in her body required for her twin boys to survive.

After much suffering, medical intervention, and loads of bedrest, The boys were born at 33 weeks. Almost 2 months early. In her words, “It was a miracle birth”. Treyden, the hero of our song was one of the twins He landed particularly hard in this world.

For the first 6 weeks of his life, he was in the hospital with a chest tube

At 13 weeks he required hip surgery and was in a full-body cast for the next 3 months and required extensive physical therapy.

Bedrest Made Time For Reading

Now let’s go back to the pregnancy.

Anne Marie is a kindergartner teacher and is not one to waste time even while confined to bedrest so she spent her time reading to the boys while they struggled to survive in her compromised body. Hour after hour, story after story day after day she read to her boys as though they were lying with her on the bed.

From Challenge To Genius

Treyden belting out the chorus for hearthehope.orgEven with all his medical issues, Treyden began to reveal some amazing aspects about himself. At 15 months he knew the alphabet and at 24 months could read.

One evening he was particularly interested in his placemat at dinner. It had the names of all the presidents of the United States on it. The next morning Treyden was reciting all of the names in order. Then it was the planets in our solar system. Treyden has a photographic memory and remembers everything he reads that he is interested in.

Music Bring Physicians, Nurses, and Patient Together

Dr. Viral Jain is an award-winning Doctor and researcher at Children’s Hospital Cincinnati. He is doing Treyden with Dr. Viral Jain and the hearthehope.org crewresearch on the positive effects of reading to newborn babies through his program NICU Bookworms.

Studies have shown that shared book reading starting as early as at birth or even while in the womb can help parents promote brain development and reading achievement in their children, and can help overcome deficits due to prematurity or their illness at birth.

It also helps parents bond with their babies. Treyden is an example of how reading to the fetus and the infant once they arrive can increase the mental and physical health of the baby.

Joining Dr. Jain is John Gennet, a nurse at Cincinnati Children’s NICU who loves reading and singing to his tinniest of patients.

Treyden is an example of how reading to the fetus and the infant once they arrive can increase the mental and physical health of the baby.


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Song Credits:

Featured Song: “Thanks To You”
Our Hero: Treyden Barth
Composer: Dr. Viral Jain & John Gennett
Lead Vocals & Keyboard: John Gennett
Background Vocals: Treyden Barth & CJ Lambert
Instruments:Dr. Viral Jain(Guitar), CJ Lambert (acoustic, electric, & bass guitars), Toby Christensen (Drums & Percussion)
Produced By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen
Engineered By: CJ Lambert & Toby Christensen
Edited, Mixed, & Mastered By: CJ Lambert